Friday, February 1, 2008


dear Mr Bus driver,

How are you feeling today? i hope u had a good drive before. I am sure your job is very stressful and stamina taxing. carrying over 40 to 50 and more people behind you while u drive. and i really appreciate your profession. rushing to meet with the time, driving tru all the roads and cars, and making sure everyone reach their destination without anyone saying thank you might makes you feel you are not appreciated. Don't worry, you are always appreciated by all walks of life. or, at least i do..

Mr bus driver, i am sure u heard about the accident at slim river perak, on the 25th of January 2008 that got 3 people killed. and also the incident at Bukit Gantang that killed 22 people in August 2007. this year, 3 people got killed, one of them a future doctor. many people was sadden by the incident. Sad, anger, lost and disappointment is all over the air. Empty promises and vows from the authorities means nothing to many people now. although i am not attached in anyway to those that are affected by the accident, but in the blogsphere, it is clear many were affected deeply.

I am a bus user myself. and every time i board the bus, i never expect anything will happen. After all, being paranoid is not my type. I know accidents do happen and they are beyond all of our control. But, the death of these 25 people is an avoidable death. for me, is not an accident, is an act of murder hiding behind the word 'accident'. Mr bus driver, don't you feel sad when everyone is pointing fingers at you, saying you are a murderer even you didn't do it. I know is unfair to blame all bus drivers about the incident cause by a small handful of inconsiderate, selfish, irresponsible drivers around. I love bus rides. the long undisturbed journeys gives me time to think and reflect. after all, bus rides are cheaper than plane rides right?

Mr bus driver, chinese new year is in the corner. Many family members, son and daughters, fathers and mothers, will use the bus you drive to get home and reunited with their family. Maybe you will want to sit with your family at the reunion dinner together as well. So, just a humble request here, please drive safe for the sake of all. May no more of this tragedy happen as again. So, from a bus user, me to a driver, please drive safely. I don't think the authorities will be doing anything again. Or maybe they will do something untill this issue die down and forget the whole incident. So, is up to you, Mr bus driver, to make a difference. I will be looking forward to my next bus ride some time in the future.

yours truly
orange, a bus user.
btw, paying summons won't avoid this kind of accidents happen. so what if 6 summons are not paid?? So what id 100 summons are not paid?? is the authorities doing anything?? if yes, then what is this driver with 6 summons doing on the road?? so is checks by so call authorities. So what. What happen to the crackdown of errant bus drivers?? ITS ALL JUST AN ACT BY THE AUTHORITY TO PLEASE EVERYONE!!! anyway, if interested in more about malaysia bus accidents can refer to here and there is a petition about bus crash no more... i am number 2003
maybe we need another protest march to get some attention...

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